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Reasons to be Cheerful

There are some days when the life of a freelance writer/reviewer can seem absolutely fruitless, annoying, and beyond depressing. And then, there are the days when a little bit of effort results in £100 of work coming in (and no transport costs to deduct), and when you open an interesting looking parcel in the post, and it turns out to have sci-fi author Greg Egan’s entire back catalgoue in spangly new jackets that say “I’M GREG EGAN, I AM!” Six novels- Permutation City, Distress, Schild’s Ladder, Quarantine, Diaspora and Teranesia, and two short story collections – Luminous and Axiomatic- all of which I’ve meant to get around to reading at some point, and they’re now sitting in the corner looking inviting.

It’s official. Just for now, life is good.


  1. On the one hand, I’m happy you’re happy. On the other, I think the new Egan jackets look terrible – overdesigned, garish, and with colour combinations that go past striking towards Colin Baker.

    • I can understand the dislike- I mean, I do like the new ones, but the older jackets were a lot simpler and classier. But, I can understand the point of view of wanting to make them stand out in the bookshop (it does seem to be an era of loud book covers).

      And I really don’t think we’re talking Colin Baker Who costume levels of wrong here. My, what a sartorial classic that one was… But, each to his own!

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